FYC Rhetoric and Writing Schedule

YSYouth Subcultures: Exploring Underground America (Arielle Greenberg)
R, C, & E: Rhetoric, Composition, and Expression for a Digital Age (Paul Ranieri)

 Week 1 Course introduction and syllabus review
Introduction to WP 1
YS Introduction, take online Personal Survey
YS “My Life as an Enterprise Slash Writer”
 Week 2 R, C, & E Unit 4 “Ideas and Voice” and YS “My Night as a Wiccan”
YS “Growing Up and Out of the Rave Scene”
 Week 3 YS “Where We Belong”
Peer Review: First Draft WP1 Due
 Week 4 Introduction to WP2
Library Day
WP1 Due
YS “A Straightedger’s Journey”
 Week 5 R, C, & E Unit 7 “Style and Editing”
YS “She Rips When She Skates”
 Week 6 YS “The Lords of Dogtown”
YS “Too Dirty to be a Hobo?”
Peer Review: First Draft WP2 Due
 Week 7 Introduction to WP3
WP2 Due
R, C, & E Unit 2 “The Basics of Rhetoric”
R, C, & E Unit 3 “Responding to Multimodal Texts”
 Week 8  Conferences
 Week 9 YS “Towards a Critical Understanding of Asian Cute Culture”
YS “Thoughts on the Movie Afro-Punk
 Week 10 YS “The Bboy Style on the Eastside”
Peer Review: First Draft WP3 Due
 Week 11 Introduction to WP4
WP3 Due
YS “Street Skateboarding and the Government Stamp of Approval”
YS “A Different View of Hackers” and links on BB
 Week 12  R, C, & E Unit 5 “From Personal Ideas to Public Expression”
YS “Heavy Metal’s Proud Pariahs”
 Week 13 YS “Economic Status and Raving”
YS “How the Internet is Changing Straightedge”
YS “Youth Activism in the 1990’s”
 Week 14 YS “The Homeless Community of the Piers”
Peer Review: First Draft Due (presentations)
Peer Review: First Draft Due (written component)
 Week 15  WP4 Due (written component)
 Week 16  WP 4 Presentations
 Final Exam  Week  Finish WP 4 Presentations