FYC Research and Writing Schedule

Monsters: Monsters Fountainhead Press V Series (Eds: Brandy Ball Blake and L. Andrew Cooper)
Bedford: The Bedford Researcher 4th Edition (Mike Palmquist)

 Week 1 Course introduction and syllabus review
Monsters “Introduction” and “Parasites and Perverts An Introduction to Gothic Monstrosity”
 Week 2 Introduction to WP 1
Bedford Ch 1. and 2 and Monsters “Killing Monsters”
Bedford Ch. 10 pp. 182-191 and PDF on BB “The Psychopath Test”
 Week 3 Monsters “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “Highway of Lost Girls” (PDF on BB)
 Week 4 Monsters “Dracula”
Bedford Ch. 17
Peer Review: First Draft WP1 Due
 Week 5 Introduction to WP2
WP 1 Due
Bedford Ch. 3 and 4 
Monsters “Frankenstein” and “Frankenstein: A Feminist Critique of Science”
 Week 6 Library Day
Library Quiz Due
Bedford Ch. 20, 21, and 22
 Week 7 PDF on BB “Making Mr. Hyde”
Peer Review: First Draft WP2 Due
 Week 8 Introduction to WP3
WP 2 Due
Notebook Due
Monsters “Gothic Realities: The Impact of Horror Fiction on Modern Culture”
 Week 9 Spring Break—No Classes
 Week 10 Conferences
Bedford Ch. 11 and 12 
Monsters “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)”
 Week 11 Conferences
Peer Review: First Draft WP3 Due
 Week 12 Introduction to WP 4
WP 3 Due
WP 1 Revision Due
Bedford Ch. 18 and 19
 Week 13 Monsters “George Romero’s Zombie Films: A Plague of Meaning”
WP 2 Revision Due
Monsters “Serial Killers: From Jack the Ripper to Aileen Wuornos”
 Week 14 Monsters “Movie Psychos and Slashers: From Normal Bates to Freddy Krueger”
Monsters “The Horrors of Race and American History: Candyman”
 Week 15 PDFs on BB “The Serial Killer was (Cognitively) Framed” and “Dexter’s Dark World: The Serial Killer as Superhero
Journals Due
Peer Review: First Draft WP4 Due
 Week 16  WP 4 Presentations
 Final Exam  Week  Finish WP 4 Presentations